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  • Cosmo Ferrites Limited was incorporated  in 1986 with  initial plant set up of  German Technology at a scenic location near Jabli(H.P.) on Chandigarh - Shimla Highway. At that time turnover was INR 100 Million, As the production capacity was in full run during 1987  Onwards company reached up to INR 150 Million Turnover in the year of 1994.
  • New Product development was an ongoing activity in the company during years of 1988 and 2000 it developed more than 5 new ferrite materials with own R&D to widen its range. It also introduced new shapes like EPC, EFD and ETD cores.
    During the period from 1995 to 2000 Cosmo ferrites limited was on the track of growth  and expansion  to achieve turnover of INR 300 Million till the year 2000 which was another big milestone in its history.
  • In the year 2001 – 2005   production capacity were expanded with installation of Eisenmann - Kiln  machines in the plant which significantly lead the way to reach up to INR 360 Million turnover of the company.
  • Cosmo ferrites further expanded its capacity in the year 2006 to meet  the market demands significantly. With its increasing capacity and technology, till the year  2010, Cosmo Ferrites achieved Turnover of  INR 480 Million.  
  • Cosmo Ferrites Team is  striving to reach up to INR 720 million mark in the near future; with its Teamwork, Dedication and Leadership.

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