About Cosmo Ferrites

"With a workforce of over 300+ individuals with diverse backgrounds make Cosmo Ferrites a pioneer company of Soft Ferrites manufacturing in India."

  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer


  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

    ₹ 720 Million ($10 Million)

  • Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

    2400 MTInstalled Capacity

Global Network

With more than three decades of expertise in soft ferrite cores production and high quality standards, Cosmo Ferrites has marked its presence across the globe. It's our commitment towards the quality and service to our customers that our products are exported to more than 50 countries. With a wide distribution network and presence across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Oceania, Cosmo is a well known brand in power electronics industry.


"Striving to become market, product & quality Leader in soft ferrites cores in the power electronics Industry."


"We shall endeavour to be an organization which delivers outstanding customer service, respects all individuals working with it and always encourages Initiative & innovation."

Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

Leading Ferrite Cores Manufacturer

Cosmo Ferrites offers its customers a wide
range of soft ferrite products for their applications.

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Client Testimonials

Great work environment.

Mohan Sharma

3 Months ago

Cosmo Ferrites is one of our supplier whom we can trust for a quality product.

Nathan Dufrence

3 Months ago