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Ferrite Core Transformers: What Makes Them In Demand?

Ferrite Core Transformers: What Makes Them In Demand?

Transformers are passive devices used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Their primary aim is to increase or decrease the voltage levels between the circuits. They have two major core constructions- ferrite core transformers and iron core transformers. Out of these, ferrite core transformers are the most popular ones and there are several reasons they deserve to be so.

In this blog, we are going to explore important information about ferrite core transformer and why they are in high demand in the electrical industry.

What is Ferrite Core Transformer?

Ferrite Core Transformer is non-conductive, ferromagnetic compound that has its winding made from ferrite cores. They are used for high-frequency applications because they carry low coercivity and offer low eddy current losses.   

What are their types?

Ferrite Core Transformers are of different types, including:

1. Manganese Zinc (MnZn): They have higher saturation levels and higher permeability than NiZn ferrites. These are suitable for applications that have an operating frequency of less than 5MHz. Also, their impedance makes them ideal for inductors up to 70 MHz.

2. Nickel Zinc (NiZn): They have higher resistivity compared to MnZn ferrites. They are used in electrical applications when the frequency ranges between 2 MHz to several hundred MHz and are suitable for inductors above 70 Mhz. 

3. Sand Dust: These are high-frequency Choke Coils ideally used with ferrites only.

4. Lamination/ Amorphous & Nanocrystalline: The lamination transformers are primarily used in inverters, welding sets, and UPS. 

Why are they in High Demand?

Ferrite core transformers are usually higher in demand than iron core transformers because they carry several benefits of ferrites. 

Ferrites are ceramic materials, formed using manganese and zinc compounds. They act as insulators in transformers and offer high resistance to high currents. 

Another advantage is that ferrites ensure low eddy current losses over several frequencies and have high permeability so they are ideal for high-frequency transformers and adjustable inductors. 

Not only this, the high magnetic permeability and low electrical conductivity of ferrites help to prevent eddy currents in transformers. So, you don’t need to laminate the cores before using them for transformers. 

On the other hand, conventional iron core transformers have an iron core built-up with laminations to prevent losses due to eddy currents in them. It becomes impossible to make the laminations thinner to make them effective at higher frequencies. 

What are the Benefits of using them?

Ferrite Core Transformer offers a range of benefits that makes them ideal for various electrical applications. Some of their major benefits include:

  1. High Magnetic Permeability: Ferrite core transformers have high magnetic permeability which is one reason they are used in high-frequency transformers.
  2. Low Electrical Conductivity: The high permeability along with low electrical conductivity helps the ferrite cores to prevent eddy current losses. Owing to this, the cores deliver outstanding performance at higher frequencies.
  3. Higher Coercivity: Soft ferrite cores have a higher coercivity as compared to hard ferrite cores. Also, they can change their magnetic direction while ensuring negligible hysteresis losses. 

Besides the benefits mentioned above, the cores also offer High Q values, Low DC sensitivity, Low hysteresis factor, and Low signal distortion for the electrical industry.

What are their Major Applications?

Major applications of Ferrite core transformers are given below:

  • Power Electronic Circuits: They are used in all power electronic circuits like switch mode power supply inverters and pure sine wave inverters for high frequency. 
  • DC to DC Converters: They are used in DC to DC Converters to increase or decrease the DC voltage. 
  • Solar Panels: They are used for increasing low DC voltage of battery and solar panels.
  • Lighting: They are used in lighting LED segments as a driver transformer to provide the required voltage in them.
  • Home Appliances: They are used in major home appliances such as Washing Machine, TV, AC, and Refrigerator to ensure they work efficiently. The transformers also help in EMI filtration to suppress the noise levels while they are operating. 
  • Electrical Vehicles: They are used in the chargers and engine motors of electrical vehicles. 
  • Mobile Chargers: Every mobile charger has a different voltage and ampere. These transformers help to step up and down the voltage as per requirement. 
  • Brushless DC Inverters: They are used in Brushless DC Inverters to convert AC to AC or AC to DC in an electrical circuit.

Basically, wherever there is an electronic circuit containing a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), ferrite transformers are the first choice. 


Ferrite Core Transformers are efficient and deliver excellent performance in a variety of conditions. If you are planning to purchase the finest quality ferrite core transformers for your electrical applications, you can contact Alisha Coils & Transformers (A Division of Cosmo Ferrites Ltd). Also, if you need any guidance or consultation before buying these transformers, they are happy to help you find the right ones.