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7 Reasons to Choose Toroidal Transformers for your Industrial Applications

Toroidal TransformersToroidal transformers are small ring-shaped power transformers that have primary & secondary coils wound around a toroidal core. They are used in electronic applications to step up or step down voltage or to isolate equipment from the source of voltage. 

Owing to their high efficacy & efficiency, these transformers are preferred as an alternative for several industrial applications. The reason for their high-efficiency is the windings that are uniformly distributed around the centre and cancel any mechanical degradation.

Common applications of these transformers are:

  • Audio & Video Equipment
  • High-End Audio Systems
  • Power Distribution Equipment 
  • Medical Equipment
  • Welding Machines
  • Inverters & Chargers
  • Security Systems
  • Automotive Electronics

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the major reasons to choose toroidal transformers for your next industrial application. Let’s dive in. 

1. Low Noise 

In toroidal transformers, the windings are wrapped around the core tightly, so there are no air gaps and loose sheets to cause vibration. As a result, they have low magnetostriction, which causes low mechanical hum sound in these transformers. This is one reason they are frequently in demand by the medical equipment industry.

2. Cost-Effective 

These transformers are smaller, so they can be produced using a minimum quantity of material, such as an electrical steel component. Hence, they reduce the overall production costing of transformers and hence the market price is also stabilised. 

3. Lightweight & Smaller

They are 50% lighter and smaller than other standard transformers. The windings are fully wrapped around the core, which makes the wire short. The ideal shape of these transformers serve the needs of the electrical industry well. 

4. Low Magnetic Field

These transformers exhibit lower electromagnetic fields, which is 8 times lesser than conventional transformers. They do not need any shielding for most of the applications. Hence, they are ideal for sensitive electronic devices, like low-level amplifiers or components used in the medical industry.

5. High Electrical Efficiency

Toroidal transformers have a high electrical efficiency because of two reasons. First, they have oriented steel, which is used in all areas of the core. Second, they have windings wrapped over the entire core circumference. 

This steel makes the core operate at 15-16 kilogauss, and the windings reduce the length of the copper wire by removing a few turns. Hence, there is a minimum use of steel & copper along with low core & copper losses that saves energy. 

6. Easy Assembling

These transformers can be mounted easily with a single screw only, unlike other transformers that use four screws to be assembled. Hence, it reduces the assembly time. Some of the common techniques used for mounting them are:

  • PCB mounting 
  • Less pressure mounting plates 
  • Resin center potting

7. Energy Savings

These transformers are ideal for energy savings as they are made with single steel plates, unlike standard transformers with different steel plates. So, when the work is under load, they hit 86 percent idle & 36 percent idle and lead to less energy consumption.

Get Toroidal Transformers at Alisha Coils & Transformers

Toroidal transformers are an efficient and cost-effective choice for a range of your applications. With advancements in technical know-how, they have come a long way from what used to be produced earlier. While looking for these transformers, it is important to choose a supplier who can provide you with the right product for your requirements.

Alisha Coils & Transformers (A Unit of Cosmo Ferrites Limited) is the leading manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of toroidal transformers. The in-house manufacturing of ferrite cores, including toroids, helps them to achieve greater product quality & faster delivery. You can reach ourt to their team to get a quote for your requirements.