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Ferrite Bead Inductors

Ferrite Bead Inductors

Many things aren’t visible to our naked eyes. Things like the flow of electricity or the magnetic fields it induces cannot be seen with our eyes, but it's felt by the surrounding appliances. From electronic appliances like laptops and audio systems to their chargers, they all have internal electric circuits that generate high-frequency electronic noise.
But if this noise exists around us, why is it we can’t hear any of it? You can thank Ferrite bead inductors for that.

What are Ferrite Bead Inductors?

Commonly used in applications involving radio-frequency (RF) energy, ferrite bead inductors at times look like toroidal inductors and have a high Q at low frequencies.
A Ferrite bead inductor is a passive core having a couple of terminals on each end and a wound coil. It is made from ferrite cores & is used to keep high-frequency signals that can interfere with the electrical circuit at bay. It has high inductance, high magnetic permeability, excellent dielectric strength with low eddy current losses & operates covering a range of frequencies. To make the most of its properties, you must select the right one for a specific frequency.
Ferrite Bead Inductors are used in many situations because of their range of features. Here are some of the major ones.

  • EMI Suppression

These are effective in stopping electromagnetic interference (EMI) both from the device & towards it. It's a simple, effective type of filter that stops radio-frequency (RF) energy from leaving the conductive cable. These also stop the cables from doubling up as an antenna and picking up this energy from the surrounding electric appliances.

  • Noise Suppression

Electrical noise is a thing of the past with ferrite bead inductors in the picture. Along with EMI suppression, it's also successful in suppressing high-frequency noise coming from the electric circuits because of their resistive impedance. These are effectively dissipated as resistive losses, which ensures that it isn’t reflected in the system & causes problems.

  • Medium & High-Frequency Operaration

Ferrite bead inductors can operate at both medium & high frequencies (few Mhz to Ghz). In a low-frequency range, these inductors behave normally and offer micro inductance, whereas it releases primary inductance at higher frequencies.

  • Easy to Install

Ferrite bead inductors are relatively smaller. This makes them easy to accommodate in the existing circuits where filtering unwanted signals are desired. You can attach them directly or let the wires pass through it to filter.

Common Applications

SMPS & Chargers
Modern power supplies work at high frequencies & comprise energy pulses that can be a source of EMI or RF surges. Using ferrite bead inductors, chargers and SMPS keeps this disturbance within the tolerable limits.

Electronic Appliances
Electronic appliances of today have numerous complex circuits inside them. EMI interference between them could cause the appliance to stop working altogether. Ferrite bead inductors not only solve this but also ensure that electric noise isn’t a problem.

When used correctly & keeping a few precautions in mind, ferrite bead inductors can be the perfect solution in modern-day applications as a deterrent to unwanted signals. Its low cost and size add to its versatility to be used in many circuits. These inductors’ abilities are as good as their base material—ferrite.
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Have questions regarding soft ferrites or ferrite bead inductors? Contact us & get in touch with our experts.