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Ferrite U Cores: Significance, Properties, Applications & Sizes

ferrite u core

Ferrite cores are dense ceramic materials made using a combination of manganese and zinc metals. As an ideal choice for the transformers, chokes, and transducers, they offer various design advantages like high resistivity, a wide range of operating frequencies, time & temperature stability, low cost, and availability of large material selections. The cores can be molded easily into several geometries that carry a range of desired electrical and mechanical properties. One such geometry in which ferrite cores are usually produced is U Cores. 

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some useful information about Ferrite U Cores- their significance, properties, applications, and sizes. Let’s move on to discuss further. 

Significance of U Cores

Ferrite U cores are ideal for higher power applications to fit into smaller spaces and meet unusual factors. They are very popular in the global market and designed in an economic shape. They are easy to produce, so they are relatively inexpensive. The cores are bulky and can be used in multiple stacks for a higher power. They carry no self-shielding quality. 

U cores have long legs so they offer the benefit of low leakage inductance and facilitate superior voltage isolation. The legs also allow easy winding making them best suited for line output transformer application. These cores are used with other U cores or I cores to make a square closed core shape, which is considered the simplest design. Windings can be put on one or both of their legs. The U/I combinations of the cores are often preferred as they provide economical assembly. 

The cores are designed using the latest materials and technologies in the market which makes them suitable for multiple applications such as power transformers, noise filters, and output chokes in radio and TV equipment. 

Properties of U Cores

  • High permeability and low losses at high flux densities and temperature
  • High saturation
  • Low existing currents
  • Low leakage due to long legs
  • Superior voltage isolation
  • Good frequency response
  • Specific air gaps and AL values

Major Applications

  • Power Transformers
  • Broadband Transformers
  • Converter & Inverter Transformers
  • Voltage Converters
  • Noise Filters
  • Inductive Heating
  • Compensated Chokes
  • Ignition Systems

Popular Sizes to buy

  • UU9330 U93/76/30
  • UU12620 U126/91/20
  • UU10130 U101/76/30
  • UU14130 U141/78/30
  • UUR6440 UR64/40/20
  • UU116 U10/8/5


Ferrite U Cores are the ultimate choice for you to serve your electrical and mechanical requirements. While using them for your applications, you can enjoy the benefits of high magnetic permeability, low losses in high frequency, and low conductivity. 

Cosmo Ferrites specializes in producing high-quality standard U cores in several dimensions. We manufacture the ferrite cores keeping in mind the requirements of the electrical industry and the customers. You can purchase these cores in any quantity, be it thousands or millions. We provide them to our customers in the shortest possible delivery time. You can also have a consultation with our experts to know more information about the products and their pricing. Feel free to even ask for a sample.