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Importance of Power Transformers in the Modern World

Power Transformers

Transformers are electrical devices used to transfer electrical power from one circuit to another operating at different current and voltage levels. They are available in different types and commonly used in electrical transmission systems, industries, and electrical appliances. Amongst them, one of the major types of transformer is Power Transformers. They are highly used for power electronics or power handling. But what are power transformers and why are they becoming so important in the modern world?

In this blog, we’re going to look at this aspect. Apart from this, let’s also explore the 4 major things you need to look for in a power transformer.

What are Power Transformers?

Power Transformers are devices used for electrical transmission from one circuit to another circuit without changing the frequency. They contain an electromagnetic core and a coil wrapper. They are used in AC to DC converter & DC to DC converter for ensuring high frequency and stepping voltage up & down.

The power transformers can be in single or three-phase units based on their applications. Unlike other transformers, they can handle high voltage inputs and operate with high efficiency (while other transformers operate at 69-70 percent efficiency). 

Why are they important?

Power Transformers are devices that help in power handling. They are used in electrical vehicles, 5G panels, AR/VR, data, renewable energy like wind, solar, robotics, medical, and white household goods like TV, AC, washing machine, microwave, set-top box, refrigerator, etc.

They provide a continuous and reliable flow of power to keep our modern devices in working condition. Their lower voltage levels are ideal for operating the modern electronic appliances that are used by the public.

4 Things to look for in a Power Transformer

  • Power Rating

Power transformers operate at high voltages. To make them operate at or near to their maximum opacity, you need to ensure that their power rating is high. 

If the transformers have to handle higher power than what they are capable of, then they can get severely damaged. So, measure the maximum power that the transformers may have to handle and buy one with a higher rating.

  • Efficiency 

Power transformers are required to operate at high efficiency, so the losses from these transformers have to be minimized. The losses in power transformers occur because of two reasons- core and copper winding.

In addition, transformer winding should be developed from high-quality winding materials to ensure maximum efficiency. 

  • Dependability

Power transformers can operate for 24 hours in a day while taking no intervals. Their components have to bear the high electrical and mechanical load, so you need to make sure you get a reliable power transformer. 

You can get high-quality transformers from reliable manufacturers and suppliers in the market. This will make sure that the transformer can handle complex conditions without breaking down during operation. 

Having a power transformer with continuous windings and minimal soldering points can work better in these conditions.

  • Specifications

You must check the specifications of the power transformers, like the frequency of operation, primary voltage, secondary voltage, and o/p type. 

It is crucial to know whether the transformers have a single-phase or three-phase design, as the model has a lot to do with their operations.      


Power transformers play a crucial role in supplying power to the electronic circuits that are used in our everyday life. To ensure the safety and convenience of the customers, they are manufactured with different specifications. 

Alisha Coils & Transformers (Division of Cosmo Ferrites Ltd), a market leader in the soft ferrites industry, produces power transformers of superior quality. Their products are manufactured to ensure optimum power performance for your applications. You can get in touch with us to know more about the range, or to request a sample.