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Magnetics in Electric Vehicle Chargers & Converter Units

Magnetics in Electric Vehicle Chargers & Converter UnitsModern vehicles are becoming smart and efficient with the growing use of magnetic components in the Automobile industry. In Electric and Hybrid vehicles, magnetics have a range of applications such as power train, charging, batteries, electric modular, BLDC motor, and safety or comfort.
In this blog, we are going to explore the growing use of magnetics in the electric vehicle chargers and converter units. Also, we’ll see what role they play to empower the electric vehicles and improve their functioning. 

The Growing Use of Magnetics in Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EV) are seen as a possible replacement for current-generation automobiles. A wide variety of these vehicles are coming up these days with unique configurations, topologies, and power levels, so their magnetic field exposure varies accordingly. The electric vehicles are essentially going to be the future of the automotive industry and magnetic systems are crucial to this sector as they are used in several components of e-vehicles. This is why the usage and demand for magnetics, like transformers, is growing in the industry. 

Role of Magnetics in Electric Vehicle Chargers

Magnetics are used in E-vehicle charger and converter units. They are a primary component used highly in electric vehicles. These magnetics include Inductors, Transformers, and Line Filters.
Generally, transformers are used wherever there is AC to DC converter ,DC to AC converter & DC to DC converter.In PCB, the ferrite core transformers work like a buck/boost converter and are very lightweight. The technology has arrived recently in the electronics industry, otherwise earlier when iron core transformers were used, they were quite heavy.
In modern electric vehicles, the lightweight transformers have different types of ferrites in them. As technology is changing, so the values of transformers and electric parameters also change. For example, the combinations of voltage parameters change. These modifications have to be implemented in products quickly to serve the demands of the competitive market. Hence, producing magnetics that comply with the required parameters is crucial.

How to make a selection of the Magnetics?

While selecting magnetics like Inductors, Transformers, and Line Filters for your electric vehicle chargers, there are some factors to be considered.

  • Magnetic Force

The magnetic force of the magnet components should create a strong repulsive effect.

  • Size

Magnetics used in automotive applications need to be small yet as powerful as possible.

  • Heat

When the coil and magnetics in the electric motor interact with each other, it creates heat. Hence, you need to choose the right magnetic materials to ensure efficient and long-term performance of the e-vehicles.


The use of magnetics is growing in electric vehicle chargers and converter units, hence, it is necessary for us to serve the demands of the industry. These vehicles are going to revolutionize the automotive sector and make way for a better quality of life. 
Alisha Coils & Transformers (Division of Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.), are the leading manufacturer of magnetic parts such as Inductors, Transformers, and Line Filters used for e-vehicle chargers and converter units. If you are into the manufacturing of electric vehicle chargers, we can provide you with all solutions. Connect with our team to know more or to get a quote