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Significance of Ferrite Cores for Industries

Significance of Ferrite Cores for Industries

Ferrite cores are permanent ceramic magnets used primarily to attenuate high frequency noise levels caused by electronic devices. They are available in a variety of materials & geometries to make them suitable for different industries. Owing to their high magnetic permeability & low electrical conductivity, they are equipped in applications, such as RF transformers, switch mode power supplies (SMPS) & ferrite loopstick antennas. 

The magnetic & dielectric properties of cores depend on the composition of their mixture, amount of the base components, and the heating treatment. Hence, alterations in these factors make it possible to design ferrite cores with the required properties.

In this blog, we’re going to see how ferrite cores are an ideal component for powering the applications of a range of industries. Let’s get started. 

  • Electric Vehicles

Ferrite cores are used in hybrid & electric vehicles for performing different functions, such as energy storage, noise filtering, self-shielding, galvanic isolation, and conversion. When electric power is generated, stored & consumed at different levels & frequencies, the cores play an important role at each of the conversion steps. Cosmo Ferrites engineer high-end solutions to provide optimal designs to our customers as per their need. Our cores have:

  • High frequency & high permeability
  • Excellent magnetic properties
  • Low core losses to achieve high charging efficiency
  • Automotives

Ferrite cores are used to achieve high efficiency in power conversion models used in automotives. They are also useful for transformers & inductors in automotive & electronic applications. We produce these cores in a variety of shapes & sizes to suit different temperature conditions & frequency ranges. Our cores have:

  • Low core losses at working temperature & frequency
  • Low profile shapes to manufacture compact & modern designs
  • High switching frequency to control size & cost of magnetics
  • Lighting

Ferrite cores are an essential component for modern-day LED drivers. They are used in the inductors to store energy on the DC/DC converter. Low power drivers use power inductors that require ferrite cores made of highly efficient materials & shapes. We provide customised ferrite cores as per international standards, so these drivers can increase their efficiency and durability and reduce their energy consumption. Our cores have:

  • High saturation flux & low core losses at different temperatures
  • High switching frequency 
  • Compact designs & multiple sizes
  • Solar Power

Ferrite cores are used in solar inverters for power conversion from source generation to mains. All the main stages of solar energy conversion, such as DC/DC Converter, Inverter, EMI Filter & MPPT make use of ferrite cores for different reasons. Commonly preferred cores include Toroidal cores, E cores & RM cores. Cosmo Ferrites develop ferrite cores that are cost-efficient, reliable & customizable to ensure better performance for your solar applications. Our cores have:

  • High frequency & high saturation flux
  • High electrical impedance 
  • Low electrical conductivity for preventing eddy current losses
  • Telecommunications

Ferrite cores are used extensively in telecommunication systems to suppress Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from unshielded pairs of cables. The cores are placed side by side or close to the signal supply end of the cables. They provide stable temperature  during fluctuations and ensure the permeability curve remains flat. We manufacture ferrite cores for telecommunication network systems so they can achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & be efficient in their use. Our cores have:

  • High magnetic permeability 
  • High saturation flux
  • Thermal stability against fluctuation

Explore a Range of Ferrite Cores at Cosmo Ferrites Limited

At Cosmo Ferrites, we’re a leading manufacturer of soft ferrites used for all the above industries. Our high-performance ferrite cores define new standards for a wide range of industrial & commercial applications. We’re also continuously innovating to expand our range of cores to serve the growing demands of our customers. Recently, we’ve increased our production capacity by over 50% to increase our supply & exports domestically & globally.

Connect with us to know more about our range of ferrite cores or discuss your business’ requirements with our executive.